Thursday, April 25, 2013


Gathering garden ideas are one thing but narrowing them down to something I can actually manage to implement is yet another.  Adding a clematis at the base of a tree is one thing I am committed too. Having realized the one on the old bell needs more shade for its roots so it is out of necessity moving on to bigger and better things.
Terie Rawn's garden Newfield, New York

Once upon a time I moved to Wisconsin and purchased a new home sans any type of flora and fauna except grass. A wonderful guy came to call who ran a landscaping business that created a plan which was designed to be implemented in stages. We liked his plan and since neither of us was familiar with what was hardy for that area of the country realized he was a godsend. Wish I remembered his name or the name of his company but I have looked back fondly on that time and garden and wondered why no one else offered this service. He also returned at the appropriate time to prune and fertilize another service he provided. At that point in my life with three children under the age of 4 seeing his smiling face there to tend to my space was so very, very welcomed. These days the children are grown and the garden is one in a much more familiar clime of South Carolina. I can lose myself for hours and bliss is my companion.

Rathmichael Lodge ~ DUBLIN



I am also going to continue working on the borders in my backyard adding to the knockout roses, columbine,yarrow and lavender.

  Lastly we are endeavoring to grow more that tomatoes this year with melons, squash, beans, cucumbers, peppers and hosts of other veggies and oh yes several varieties of pumpkins.

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  1. These images are gorgeous...I would love to have a backyard like these...


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