Monday, June 8, 2009

The making of a wine cellar

Before picture
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Take 3oo pounds of plaster and a couple of gallons of paint and you can create a master piece along as your structure has good bones. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves let’s start at the beginning with the call from one our favorite designers. Susan Peace-Vernon with Dillard-Jones Builders called and asked if we could help her clients Kitty and Paul with their new wine cellar. In order to recreate a space that seemed centuries old, we put our heads together and this is what we came up with, a barrel vaulted ceiling was already in place, so MacGregors painstakingly handcrafted faux brick to cover the barrel vaulted ceiling then our artist custom colored each brick to ensure an aged look. Sheetrock walls were turned into plastered walls which reveal patches of crumbling bricks in select places where the plaster has chipped away. Clients and designer feel this mission was accomplished. Cheers

Faux brick before we plastered over the edges.

before of plaster walls and bricks being painted

laying out the bricks and plaster