Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faux Antique Brass

Here is something we have been playing with for the last couple of nights. This medallion has four different colors of gold painted onto it with a blackish brown glaze pushed down into the crevices giving it an antique patina. Pat Jordan a good client and friend of ours went shopping and found the perfect light fixtures for her foyer, she needed a large medallion to help set it off. When the electrician installs the light fixture we'll get a picture of the whole thing together.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Updating your built-ins

(Please click on photo to enlarge)

Just finished painting these two built in wall cabinets. Heather Baughman wanted something special. These cabinets were originally painted to look like dark wood. They looked like they were right out of the 1980's. The walls had a terrible sponge paint job, so Designer Carol Waters had the walls painted a light gray to soften the room that will coordinate with the fabrics and rugs to come. After some creative consulting we came up with a look that was more out of the 1880's and much easier on the eyes.

Friday, November 6, 2009

White ceiling medallions on a white ceiling are beautiful, but rarely seen.

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White ceiling medallions are great if the ceiling is painted a different color, other wise they get lost up there. Often designers will send us a piece of a light fixture with a medallion to get it painted to match. The lighting manufacturers will do it for their own fixtures, but they won't do anything custom or any custom sizes they believe one size fits all.

Here are a couple that we custom painted for our designers.
The gold one we gilded with gold leaf with a brown and black glaze to give it a aged patina that matched. The bottom one we painted oil bronze very popular.