Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gathered from the garden

The summer has almost slipped away and though autumn is one of my favorite times of the year I shall miss the flowers of my garden. I am truly grateful for the bliss they bring with their blossoms. We sowed the zinnias and the celosia was a volunteer from my compost pile. We planted pink knockout roses 3 or 4 years ago in the front yard and red last year in the back border. The black knight butterfly bushes were divided this season so lots of brilliant colored blooms from those. There is a single cleome bloom sown from a pack of seeds perhaps we will have better luck next year with those. What is growing in your garden?

 On another note Artie at Color Outside the Lines blog has a spectacular series on the
 home collections of Ralph Lauren. If you are a fan of Mr. Lauren you will not want to miss it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall at MacGregor's Cottage

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to handle two story windows

One of our recent projects was to design treatments in a two story space. We used a large scale print in one and colored blocked the other. Taking the treatments all the way up makes all the difference.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MacGregor's Cottage Sunroom: a work in progress

the coffee table is an English farmtable that was cut down purchased in Franklin, TN antique store

the trunk belonged to my husband's grandmother

the wood dough bowl is a Helena, Montana estate sale find
I have been searching Craigslist for a loveseat. This is the perfect size for my
cozy sunroom. Ok it is small like 14 x 17 but it suits me just fine. Last month I
lucked out and found this little beauty. Actually there were two pieces the sofa
and this loveseat. Got a friend to take the sofa and I made off with the loveseat.
     It took me four 9x12 dropcloths. I washed each one 3 times to and dried them with
 6 or 7 sheets of fabric softener. I am in love. Sometimes you just have to wait for
  right piece. And I must admit I have to thank Shannon Bowers for the inspiration.
So hey Shannon "thanks".

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Yellow Guest Room

At the same time I was working on the Green Guest Room at Nancy's place I was
also tossing ideas around to rework the Yellow Guest Room. She still had the
furniture in there from when she was child. Two darling Jenni Lin twin beds
with a nightstand and chest of drawers to match. There was a built in desk in
a medium wood tone and the Queen Ann chair that used sit at her Father's desk.
I so should have taken before shots.

Now there is a custom upholstered bed with matching box pleated bedskirt. The built
in desk has been painted as has the Queen Ann chair. We replaced the childhood dresser with a traditional chest of drawers by Hammary. All the lamps were her Mother's except on the new Hammary chest. The nightside tables were distressed and painted a soft blue the same shade used on the chair and the back of the bookcase.

She has been blessed with wonderful inherited accessories Hummels, art and all kind of porcelain. Still cannot figure out how to get the photos below instead of above the post so they will be on the next post.

Nancy's Place

Nancys place

Every designer has their own method of creating a space. Many designers/decorators have what is referred to as their "signature style". I try to leave a home looking like a designer has not been there. Instead I prefer it to look like the client has a gifted eye and it has all come together quite naturally as they have collected items, selected fabrics and furnishings that appeal to them. I am into warm and cozy spaces that say "Nancy lives here". (insert client's name)To start I like to find out how they want the space to feel.

When last I posted I was waiting for the delivery of a couple of custom pieces: a green velvet end of the bed bench and a linen wing chair with antique brass nail heads. When I was asked to begin this project the client requested I use the custom draperies she already had in place. She also loved the wall color so I worked within these parameters. The previous post shows the fabrics and furniture that were selected.

We went on a couple of accessories buying trips and we were lucky enough to find the perfect group of botanicals for this room. They actually looked as if they were waiting for us to take them home. The bench and the chair have now arrived and are in place. We are currently looking for a couple more pieces of blue and white for the chests other than that we are officially done in this room. And I hope the words that come to mind when you view it are tasteful and serene.

For whatever reason tonight I am unable to upload the photos as I wish. They will
follow in the next post.

Talk Greenville Magazine

I was trying to do a post today and realized we have about ten posts in draft form.
Yeah I am not what you call real computer literate. Understatement.Anyway my dear husband did this lovely faux stonework in a kitchen it is the part where the art is hanging.This is from fall 2010.It was also published in the local Talk magazine. It was for a designer in the Symphony Tour here in Greenville,SC. I think it is too good not to share. What do you think?