Saturday, November 5, 2011

MacGregor's Cottage Sunroom: a work in progress

the coffee table is an English farmtable that was cut down purchased in Franklin, TN antique store

the trunk belonged to my husband's grandmother

the wood dough bowl is a Helena, Montana estate sale find
I have been searching Craigslist for a loveseat. This is the perfect size for my
cozy sunroom. Ok it is small like 14 x 17 but it suits me just fine. Last month I
lucked out and found this little beauty. Actually there were two pieces the sofa
and this loveseat. Got a friend to take the sofa and I made off with the loveseat.
     It took me four 9x12 dropcloths. I washed each one 3 times to and dried them with
 6 or 7 sheets of fabric softener. I am in love. Sometimes you just have to wait for
  right piece. And I must admit I have to thank Shannon Bowers for the inspiration.
So hey Shannon "thanks".