Monday, October 17, 2011

Nancys place

Every designer has their own method of creating a space. Many designers/decorators have what is referred to as their "signature style". I try to leave a home looking like a designer has not been there. Instead I prefer it to look like the client has a gifted eye and it has all come together quite naturally as they have collected items, selected fabrics and furnishings that appeal to them. I am into warm and cozy spaces that say "Nancy lives here". (insert client's name)To start I like to find out how they want the space to feel.

When last I posted I was waiting for the delivery of a couple of custom pieces: a green velvet end of the bed bench and a linen wing chair with antique brass nail heads. When I was asked to begin this project the client requested I use the custom draperies she already had in place. She also loved the wall color so I worked within these parameters. The previous post shows the fabrics and furniture that were selected.

We went on a couple of accessories buying trips and we were lucky enough to find the perfect group of botanicals for this room. They actually looked as if they were waiting for us to take them home. The bench and the chair have now arrived and are in place. We are currently looking for a couple more pieces of blue and white for the chests other than that we are officially done in this room. And I hope the words that come to mind when you view it are tasteful and serene.

For whatever reason tonight I am unable to upload the photos as I wish. They will
follow in the next post.

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