Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nyberg's Rough Luxe Hotel

Homeowner Denise Nyberg and Residential Contractor Shirley Curry needed to find old wooden beams for Denise's home add on.

Otis the Job Super, told us "Finding old wood shouldn't be a problem. Right? Wrong, they called everybody. You can find it on the west coast but not here!"

Then Denise remember us from a project we had worked on for her a year ago! We went over and looked at what they wanted.

Denise and Shirley decided it would be best on installing new cedar beams and having us distressing them.

Returning a few days later with a heavy chain over my shoulder, a pick sheathed into my belt, a tomahawk in one hand, and a brick in the other.

Curious? How many of us can go whack on someone else stuff with a brick, and chain, and or a tomahawk for several hours and not get into trouble!

Check-out the plaster job next to the faux beam support by the light switch. We distressed it and cracked it to give that Rough Luxe Hotel look, as our good friend Denise would say.

Shirley Curry
President of Curry & Co.
can be found at Tel: (864)370-2644

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