Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lady MacGregor's Office

I dropped in to visit Carol Spinski's Raised in Cotton blog a few days ago. She mentioned her favorite morning spot where she has a cup of coffee and greets her day. I thought what a great idea for a post. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am copying Carol by showing where I greet the day. It is a former bedroom turned design office/meditation space for moi.  As I explained in my comment on Carol's blog I filled with consignment store pieces for the most part. It is a work in progress....window treatments not yet,artwork not yet. I am not in a rush things have to speak to me for me to bring them home but I have dreams of how I want it to look and feel for now here are the beginnings.

 I know I know lousy photo but it is the only before I have. The consignment store took with it with their phone and emailed it to me I printed it out and failed to save the photo so hey it is what it is. What you cannot see is the deep scratch in the top of the console where the bookcase was set down and pushed into place.  I got this baby for $200. It is cherry and very heavy. It has two deep file drawers and plenty of storage.


 It has been painted and somewhat styled for now. I purchased some very heavy crown/dental moulding for the top. I like the way Habersham Plantation paints their hardware on their furniture my husband's observation so he copied that feature. I love it. I have a reproduction french dining table with a parquet top as a desk and a reproduction bergere chair as my chair, both primed and ready for a distressed finish.  They are awaiting his touch when he can squeeze me into his schedule. Currently I am behind a sleigh bed, a dresser, an armoire and fabulous eastlake chest, and a sheraton sideboard. Hmmmm which is the same reason said credenza is painted but not glazed. I hope to share the rest of the furniture on my next post.

Oh the horns on top are a graduation present for nephew at the Citadel just resting for now.


  1. What a wonderful piece! I know the room will be beautiful when it is all finished.

  2. Thanks Penny I am hoping to make some progress in the near future.

  3. I love the habersham style too. Your cupboard is very nice. I noticed that all the habersham hardware is painted the same as the body of the furniture. I copied it on my laundry room renovation.

  4. Thanks Amy I just visited your laundry reno very nice.

  5. What a beautiful the transformation!