Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peter Rabbit comes to Mr. MacGregors

Peter dropped by this morning

MacGregor Cottage
He just wanted to visit Mr. MacGregor
What a handsome fellow

The commentary to this post disappeared somehow and it took me 3 days to realize it.  Peter Rabbit came for a visit because he had a slight mishap, while it remains a mystery, we think he must have tripped running in the garden.  He broke his ear and he needed mending. Mr. MacGregor fixed him up quite properly and now most unfortunately for MacGregor Cottage he has returned to his own home with the lovely  Betty Farr. He will be missed.


  1. Thanks Penny and Scott for stopping by made our day!

  2. Oh my your house is charming. I'm wishing I was the rabbit sitting outside gazing at it all day!