Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boxwood hedge




before: boxwoods  after 4 years never grew into hedge

another before

another before 4 years of growth

still before the fig on the steps however is doing well

4 years old
after just love the results
just a peak of the lady banks rose blooming in the lower right corner

another shot

after from a different angle lady banks gone wild
We took a weekend a couple of weeks ago and transplanted 52 dwarf boxwoods. Initially we had lined a couple of beds and spaced them according to the directions from the growers tag. To my dismay after 5 years they  never got anywhere near forming a hedge. I was going for an English cottage look. I finally convinced my husband to helped me out and move  them to line our walk to the front door instead. This was no small feat as after 5 years there was a considerable root system. He did most of the labor due to the strength required. It probably took 14 man hours to accomplish, which he did in two consecutive days. He dug up each one up and then dug two trenches one either side of the walk to situate them in and insure they were now close enough to form said hedge. He did a great job. I am delirious I love it so. He paid a price for all this manual labor. The arch of his foot was bruised in the process. He will survive but he is off duty in the transplanting department for 2011. A well deserved reward for a job well done. I then put pine straw mulch around all of the beds another two hours.  Almost forgot to mention he also divided four lavender plants and we are trying our hand at propagating.  Will share the results if we are successful. He likes to tell anyone who will listen that when I say "we"need to do thus and so in the yard "we" indicated him and his shovel rather than he and I.  I think he's got me there.

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