Sunday, May 10, 2009

Turning ordinary sheetrock into stone

Before MacGregor
& Inspiration Fireplace

Brian with the Galleries of Brian Brigham in Greenville, SC gave us the challenge of turning ordinary sheet rock into stone. So we looked for a fireplace that gave us the inspiration. We found it in a cabin in Cashier in NC. It took less than a week to complete.

The homeowners house was being renovated upstairs, we were working downstairs. The lady of the house and I were standing there admiring the finished piece, when the general contractor walked in and says "Wow that's beautiful" he knocks on it with his knuckles, "where did you get the stone imported from!" She and I looked at each other. Smiling I said, "I guess it passes the real looking test then."

After MacGregor

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOO impressed!
    Fabulous job!

    have fun with your blog!!!