Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done

One evening Jeremy received a phone call from one of his favorite designers around 6pm. "I need a favor!" "Sure" says Jeremy "what can I do for you?" "I need a medallion painted but I don't have time to bring it to you, it's at the client's house." "No problem I'll just pick it up first thing in the morning before I go to my next job!" "Well that's the other part of the favor I need to ask you, it's being installed first thing tomorrow morning by the electrician's at 8:00 am can you do it for me please!!!" "What do you want it to look like?" asked Jeremy. "Oh I don't know for sure make it look like the chandelier if you can." Jeremy drove across town pick up the medallion and a piece of the chandelier and brought it home and worked on it in his studio until 1:00 in the morning mixing paints and holding a blow dryer over it to speed dry each layer.

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