Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A faux leather study that's sure to work!

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Homeowner Judi Carney and designer Christy Johnson with Fowler Interiors got together to discuss that special something she wanted for her husband's home office. Christy came up with a palette of colors that were soft and comfortable not stuffy but masculine..

Christy and I where on the same wave link when we saw the room and said "Leather, it's got to be leather!"

I used a tissue paper to get the leather texture and Sherwin-Williams Rosemary as our base coat and Army Green as our glaze.
Now that the room is finished they love the feeling of calm that prevades the space that is their home office.

Judi was a blast to work with and a very busy lady as she is a Creative Consultant for Creative Memories. Check her out at www.mycmsite.com/judicarney

Designer Christy Johnson can be found at http://www.fowlerinteriors.com/

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  1. I love the faux leather! It looks amazing and so real!

  2. Thank you Tracey. Just a note your blog was the first one I actually followed. Still do. Good luck with your new venture.

  3. Fantastique! Your attention to detail is astounding. I am truly impressed with your vast array of stylistic offerings and the comprehensive variety of your services ... so many choices! :)